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Idling is when a driver leaves an engine running when it is standing on the side of the road. Idling produces pollution and is against the law. Local authorities are able to enforce the switching off of engines using penalties. Islington Traffic Management Order enables our Civil Enforcement Officers to issue Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) at £80 (reduced to £40 if paid within 14 days) if caught idling. Reports of engine idling can be made to our Enforcement Hotline 020 7527 7624.

Anti-idling events are also held across the borough, encouraging drivers to turn off their engines to help improve local air pollution. Islington is also part of a coordinated London wide scheme tackling idling. For more information visit the Idling Action London website or email


We are working with schools in a range of ways including:

  • monitoring air quality outside every school in the borough
  • air quality audits to assess current pollution sources and the best ways to improve pollution at the school
  • engagement activities with parents and children, including workshops on air quality, playground events and production of walking maps
  • School Streets road closures


We hold a number of events to raise awareness of the impacts of air pollution and actions that can be taken to improve air quality or reduce exposure to pollution. For example:

  • Car Free Day - held on 22 September every year, reducing vehicle dominance for a day. Previous events in Islington include street closures, school and community events
  • Clean Air Day - national air quality awareness day held on the third Thursday in June. Previous events in Islington include a clean air walk, school engagement activities, cleaner vehicle trials and information in local pharmacies

Islington is also leading on a 16 borough Healthy Streets Everyday scheme which includes car free events across London.


We are working with businesses to reduce their emissions. Some examples include:


  • City Fringe ZEN and LEN - see our ZEN website for more information
  • Clean air Villages 4 - we are working with Cross River Partnership (CRP) and Angel Business Improvement District on DEFRA funded scheme on circular economy trial in and around Angel. For more information about the project visit CRP website.
  • You can find the information on completed projects in our Annual Status Reports



Islington is the borough lead for the pollution alert system airText which helps people prepare for episodes of poor air pollution. Please sign up to get your alert.


We are working to reduce emissions from the Regents Canal which runs through the south of the borough. We are working with the Canal and River Trust and boaters to introduce an Eco Mooring Zone with electric chargers.

For more information about air quality work in the borough email or call 020 7527 2000.

Health Professionals

We are working with health professionals in the borough (at both hospitals and GP practices) to raise awareness about air pollution and its impacts on health, as well as ways people can reduce their emissions and exposure to pollution.

We have produced a number of resources, including videos, leaflets and banners which can be accessed on Global Action Plan’s website.


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