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Canonbury East people-friendly streets trial

This consultation has ended

Start date 02 November 2021
End date 30 November 2021

In August 2020, Islington Council introduced the Canonbury East low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) trial to make the streets cleaner, greener, and healthier for all. We installed bollards, planters and traffic cameras to reduce traffic and road danger and create more space for walking, cycling and wheelchairs, while allowing emergency vehicles and buses through. 

The trial aimed to: 

  • Make it easier and safer to walk and cycle 
  • Clean up the air we breathe 
  • Reduce road danger

We consulted on the Canonbury East people-friendly streets programme from 2 November 2021 - 30 November 2021. Thank you to everyone who provided their feedback.

Key findings from pre-consultation engagement

We have now published our pre-consultation engagement results report for Canonbury East. This report includes all feedback up until the public consultation (2 November 2021 – 30 November 2021) from Commonplace and Trial feedback surveys, email correspondence, formal objections and stakeholder meetings.

Feedback received

  • 412 Commonplace comments 
  • 330 emails 
  • 457 Trial feedback surveys 
  • 1,225 consultation questionnaires 

Commonplace feedback* 

Top 3 problems 

  • 42% - Volume of traffic 
  • 42% - Traffic rat running 
  • 40% - Fast traffic 

Top 3 ways to make it better 

  • 35% - Make the road access only 
  • 33% - Slow down traffic 
  • 26% - Road closure except for cycles and buses 

Trial feedback survey (percentage of respondents) 

Top 3 things people like about the trial 

  • 19% - reduces traffic 
  • 16% - the area is more pleasant 
  • 15% - reduces air pollution 

Top 3 things people dislike about the trial? 

  • 65% - More traffic on main roads 
  • 37% - I wasn't asked for my views 
  • 37% - Increase air pollution

*The Commonplace figures refer to comments received before the trial was advertised. The figures provided for Commonplace and trial feedback surveys are for the percentage of respondents. The Commonplace platform was open between May 2020 and March 2021, the trial feedback survey was open between March 2021 and September 2021.

Key findings from the public consultation 

We have also published our independently written consultation report for Canonbury East. This report includes feedback received through the public consultation (02 November 2021 – 30 November 2021).  

  • 47% said it is easier to cross the streets – 24% disagreed 
  • 46% said the streets look nicer - 25% disagreed 
  • 45% said the air is cleaner – 22% disagreed 
  • 41% said there is less noise from traffic – 27% disagreed 
  • 38% said they spend more time in the area – 19% disagreed 
  • 45% said it is easier to walk and cycle for short trips – 24% disagreed 
  • 55% of participants have a car, versus 29% of households in Islington 
  • 28% of participants who have cars say they walk and cycle for shorter trips instead of driving
  • 23% of participants mentioned LTNs increasing traffic on boundary roads

For more information on the consultation results and next steps for the Canonbury East people-friendly streets neighbourhood, visit our dedicated webpage. 

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