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George’s Road, Eden Grove and Geary Street, Sacred Heart Primary School - School Street Scheme

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Start date 10 February 2020
End date 01 March 2020

How will a School Street Scheme be enforced?

Signs at the entrances to the streets will inform drivers of the restrictions. Non-registered vehicles entering the street during the times of operation may be identified by camera and issued a penalty charge notice.

I am a resident or business in the zone, how do I apply for an exemption?

If this scheme is approved residents and businesses on George’s Road, Eden Grove and Geary Street who will be affected will be notified and given a suitable amount of time to apply, free of charge, for an exemption.

I am a Blue Badge holder, can I apply for an exemption?

Blue badge holders looking to gain access and park in the zone are exempt from the scheme but you must still apply for an exemption. You are not exempt from using the street as a through route during the hours of restrictions.

I am a cyclist, will I still be able to access George’s Road, Eden Grove and Geary Street?

Yes, the roads will be open to pedestrians and cyclists.

I am a taxi driver, can I apply for an exemption?

No, taxi drivers will not be able to access George’s Road, Eden Grove and Geary Street during the restricted times.

Can I park in the parking bays on George’s Road, Eden Grove and Geary Street during the hours of restriction?

If you are already in a parking bay prior to the start of the street closure restrictions and parked within the limited parking time stated on the sign then you will be allowed to stay in the parking bay. You will not be allowed to enter the street and access the parking bays during the restrictions. Residents parking bays can be accessed by properties who have applied for and received an exemption.

Have your say

Your feedback on the proposal is important and will help us make a decision about the scheme. Please take part in our online survey. You have up to Sunday 1 March 2020 to complete it.

What happens next?

Should we agree to proceed with these proposals, residents will receive a letter to inform them about the start date for the scheme with details of how to register a vehicle or vehicles for exemption. Public notices advising of the changes will be displayed in the street.

More information

For more phone Project Centre, who are managing the consultation on behalf of the Council, on 020 3092 0401.
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