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Baltic Street West Public Realm Improvement Proposals

This consultation has ended

Start date 02 March 2020
End date 22 March 2020
Following on from a feasibility study into the Baltic Street West area, Islington Council is currently consulting on an enhanced public realm project which forms part of Islington’s vision to make our public spaces more enjoyable and to foster social cohesion.

The location area which is currently occupied by a mature tree in the centre, accommodates numerous motorcycles parked within the formal motorcycle bays. By relocating the motorcycle parking to an on-street motorcycle parking bay, it would create an opportunity to provide an enhanced public area where residents and visitors to the area will have a place to enjoy at their leisure.

To achieve this, we are proposing to:
  • Relocate the existing motorcycle bay at Baltic Street West & Crescent Row to the existing shared use parking bay spaces located outside 24-26 Baltic Street West (including the provision of secure lockable facilities).
  • Permanently close Crescent Row between Baltic Street West & Sycamore Street, allowing an extended and safer area for those using the new public space.
  • Install seating within the space, with an additional unique circular-designed seat which would be installed surrounding the existing mature tree.
  • Plant additional greenery in the space between the tree and the seating area, in addition to standalone planters. Regenerate the existing paving and carriageway areas with new and improved materials.
We value your opinion on these proposals so would appreciate it if you could submit any comments you may have by 22 March 2020. You can leave your comments on our survey page. You can also find more information including a 3D visualisation of the proposals on the same webpage.

If you would like further information or wish to discuss the proposals in more detail, please contact by email Arslan Majid or by phone on 07738114531.
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