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Tufnell Park Road Localised Environment Improvements

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Start date 11 December 2017
End date 15 February 2018

As part of Local Improvement Plan funding allocated to the Tufnell Park Road area, Islington Council has developed proposals in response to resident feedback.

Residents raised concerns regarding pedestrians safety at two zebra crossings, visibility issues for vehicles & cyclists exiting Campdale Road into Tufnell Park Road and the speed of which vehicles are exiting Carleton Road into Tufnell Park Road.

This consultation contains proposals to:

  • Upgrade the two-stage crossing outside McCall House to a one-stage zebra crossing giving pedestrians priority

  • Realign the junction of Campdale Road j/w Tufnell Park Road to improve visibility for vehicles exiting into Tufnell Park Road

  • Reduce the crossing distance for pedestrians at the zebra crossing located at the j/w Campdale Road

  • Realign the junction of Carleton Road j/w Tufnell Park Road and Improve the entry treatment to reduce the speed at which vehicles are exiting into Tufnell Park Road

  • To improve the crossing point at Carleton Road.

We value your opinion so please provide us with any comments you may have by the 15th February 2018.

Comment on the drawings of the proposals in our consultation.

For any further questions contact:

T - 020 7527 3734

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