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Rotherfield Elizabeth consultation

This consultation has ended

Start date 26 November 2018
End date 17 December 2018

Islington council is currently consulting on safety improvements outside Rotherfield Primary School on Rotherfield Street and Elizabeth Avenue. The proposals were drafted after the Council met with Rotherfield Primary School to discuss concerns they had raised regarding children's safety during pick up and drop off times.

The Council are proposing to build-out the footway on both Rotherfield Street and Elizabeth Avenue to provide more footway space on both sides of the school with additional planters on either side of the school to assist with tackling pollutants at the school entrances.

An additional five cycle stands are proposed to promote healthier travel to school for the children and parents which would coincide with the traffic reduction scheme, currently being consulted on separately. Additional seating is proposed for parents or carers who are waiting to pick-up their children.

The proposals would involve the removal of 2-3 parking bay spaces on Elizabeth Avenue adjacent to the school, however we have also assessed the single yellow line which is currently in place on Elizabeth Avenue opposite the school and have proposed five additional resident parking bays spaces here.

The consultation document is available to download at the bottom of this page. 

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