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Improving Moreland Street for children and pedestrians 

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Start date 10 July 2018
End date 30 July 2018

Islington Council wants to improve Moreland Street for children and pedestrians. We want to provide a healthier, safer and greener environment for residents, visitors and, in particular, the children at Moreland Street primary school.

Our plans will transform the street into an active area for the local community and provide a safe and comfortable space that children can enjoy. We believe that by creating a child friendly environment on Moreland Street we will provide a better space for all generations.

We would like to make the street look nicer, widening the footway to improve access for all users, reducing traffic speeds, upgrading street furniture and increasing the number of trees and plants. The most important improvement will be made by creating space away from car and vehicle traffic by giving pedestrians priority and allowing children to move about easily and safely.

We are proposing to:

  • Narrow the road width to provide more space for children and reduce vehicle speeds
  • Resurface the footway and carriageway
  • Provide new trees and planting with a seating area
  • Raise the road to pavement level on Moreland Street outside Moreland Primary School and add a curve to the road layout to provide more space for children and reduce vehicle speeds
  • Install coloured street lighting columns and other street furniture
  • Install bright designs using coloured asphalt on the road adjacent to Moreland Primary School to make the area more noticeable and child friendly, and give the road a different feel, where children feel safe
  • Widen the footways which shorten the pedestrian crossing distance to improve accessibility for all users. Widening the footway will result in the loss of 7 parking bays. However, we are introducing a Car Club Bay and an Electrical Vehicle charging bay on Moreland Street therefore the net reduction number of the parking bays is 5. (There is currently sufficient spare parking capacity on Moreland Street for residents and visitors to park.)

What Happens Next

Following the end of the consultation, we will consider all responses received and write a report with recommendations. This report will be presented to the Director Public Realm who will make a decision whether or not to proceed with implementing the proposals.

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