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Increase secondary school pupil places

This consultation has ended

Start date 23 November 2015
End date 10 January 2016

We are consulting on the proposal to expand some of our secondary schools to provide additional places. These are required to meet our statutory duty to provide sufficient school places. The consultation will run from the 20th November 2015 to the 10th January 2016.

We are committed to ensuring high quality provision in the borough. We are seeking to secure additional places in schools where parents have indicated a strong first preference and where we are sure that the leadership and management, including governance, has the capacity to support the expansion and continue to improve quality and standards.

The schools who have expressed an interest in expansion are: Arts & Media School Islington, Central Foundation Boys’ School, Highbury Grove School, & St Mary Magdalene Academy.

In 2016 we are expecting to see an increase in the demand for secondary school places. By 2024 the demand is expected to be 20% higher than it is in 2015. Demand for Year 7 places has already started to rise. The Greater London Authority (GLA) projections indicate that we are likely to have more demand for places than are currently available by September 2018 and that there will begin to be pressure on places for September 2017 entry, with only 12 surplus predicted places available.

This consultation is your opportunity to let us know what you think of our idea. Your responses will be kept confidential. Please read through the consultation document and let us know what you think. Please get in touch by 10 January 2016. You can call Linda Page on 020 7527 5484, email linda.page@islington.gov.uk or write to Islington Council, Children's Services, Laycock Street, Islington, London, N1 1TH.

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 Main contact  Linda Page
 Email  linda.page@islington.gov.uk
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