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Adventure playgrounds

Play is an important part of every child’s development and essential both to their health and happiness.

In Islington there are free, safe, open-access adventure playgrounds for children aged six and up. They have exciting outdoor structures and play activities in term-time, after school and during holidays. Playing outdoors can help children to develop self-confidence and social skills, as well as keep healthy. Our adventure playgrounds are designed and built with children and young people, and supervised by trained play workers.

Adventure playgrounds are free to access for children who live or go to school in Islington. There is no booking required, but children will need to register.

See our guide to Islington adventure playgrounds. 

Cape, King Henry’s Walk, Three Corners, Waterside, Cornwallis and Barnard adventure playgrounds 

School holiday opening times

  • 10.30am – 1.30pm and 2.30pm – 5.30pm
  • Childcare hour: 1.30pm - 2.30pm. Childcare for the hour is £5 for working parents 

School term opening times

Cornwallis, King Henry’s Walk, Three Corners, Waterside and Barnard

  • Tuesday to Friday: 3.30pm – 6.30pm
  • Saturday: 11.30am – 4pm (Family Play sessions)

Cape Adventure playground

  • Monday to Friday: 3.15pm – 6.15pm

For more information, visit Awesome Adventure Play. 

Crumbles Castle, Lumpy Hill, Martin Luther King, Toffee Park and Timbuktu adventure playgrounds

School holiday opening times

  • 10.30am to 5.30pm

Children will help to cook their own free lunches which will be served between 12 noon - 2pm.

School term opening times

  • Tuesday to Friday: 3.30pm - 6.30pm
  • Saturday:
    • 12 noon – 5pm: open access play session for children aged 6 and up only
    • 12 noon – 2pm: family play sessions - parents and carers can bring children of all ages but children will need to be supervised

For more information visit Islington Play Association.

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