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Energy consultancy service

Our award-winning service offers a unique insight into the use of energy and carbon within the public sector from corporate building performance through to social housing stock.

Broader environmental services

We are able to offer support, guidance and delivery of certified management systems (including internal auditing), as well as advising on sustainable procurement, contract management, business and staff engagement.

For more details, email James Wilson or call 020 7527 2349.


We offer assistance with various compliance schemes, including British Standards and ISO standards. This includes internal auditing and assistance with obtaining certification.

We can also produce Display Energy Certificates for public buildings such as council offices and schools.

For more details, email James Wilson or call 020 7527 2349.

Decentralised energy consultancy

We provide a range of consultancy services for decentralised energy. The team have a wealth of knowledge on district heating networks, gained from building and operating our own council-owned network (Bunhill Heat and Power), which we are currently expanding using a new and innovative heat source (waste heat from the London Underground).

As a fellow local authority, we can help provide the in-house skills and expertise councils need from the start of developing a heat network all the way through to building and managing it. We are able to advise on a wide range of areas of DE development, such as network options, techno-economic feasibility, financial analysis and private wire. We can also help with drawing up legal contracts such as heat supply agreements. In addition, we can help engaging and gaining support with senior internal and external stakeholders.

We have helped several other councils seeking to start district heating networks, and have assisted them through the process. This has included appraising the returns provided by consultants in order to help ensure that (a) they accurately responded to their remit, (b) the outputs are a true reflection of the industry situation, and (c) the outputs are tailored to meet the needs of a local authority client. Our heat network has both public and private sector connections, and we are also able to offer advice on partnership development.

As well as this, we also offer support on planning advice around decentralised energy, including reviewing planning applications, negotiating with developers and appraising local development framework documents.

We can provide a bespoke service, tailored to the needs of councils. We do not have any pre-prepared package of assistance, instead seeking to provide the solution required by our clients.

Our consultancy support is eligible to be paid from out of HNDU funding. The Local Government Act 1972 (section 101) means a full procurement process for our services may not be necessary. 

To discuss your decentralised energy needs, please email James Wilson or call 020 7527 2349.


Domestic energy and fuel poverty reduction

We run the award-winning SHINE service (Seasonal Health Interventions Network) on behalf of a number of external funders. SHINE is an innovative single-point referral system to identify fuel poverty and trigger a series of support interventions.

The SHINE package includes telephone and face-to-face energy advice from dedicated advisors, as well as an ‘Energy Doctor’ home visiting service to install small measures, such as draught excluders and energy saving bulbs. We offer support to access relevant discounts, priority registers, and debt support. Our holistic intervention network provides an example for the effective integration of public services, and saves residents an average of £213 a year.

For more details, email Eamon Rooke or call 020 7527 7267.

Energy management

This service is offered to schools and other organisations. We can help you understand your energy consumption and translate forecasts into cashable carbon and financial savings. 

Our service includes:

  • carrying out energy audits and surveys
  • energy consumption and targeting
  • providing budgeting information
  • heating and condensation surveys
  • enabling compliance with best-value performance
  • energy strategy for planning
  • preparing applications for external funding
  • energy efficient design advice.

To speak to us about this, email Graeme Low or call 020 7527 2554.

Energy and water purchasing

We have more than 25 years’ experience in the purchase of gas and electricity; our energy procurement team buys 58 GWh of electricity and 193 GWh of gas annually.

Our energy purchasing team buys for a portfolio of clients including schools, academies, further education colleges, universities and leisure centres inside and outside of the borough.

We use innovative purchasing techniques and buy through framework vetted specialist industrial and commercial suppliers. We are able to deal with a wide range of requirements from simple to complex, our purchasing service can be a standalone product or as part of a wider suite of energy management services. 

Our independent purchasing service delivers value for money with no upfront cost and includes:

  • detailed market analysis to identify the best time to purchase
  • obtaining lowest prices from a panel of vetted suppliers
  • varying contract lengths and offering fixed or flexible purchasing
  • varying buying strategies according to clients appetite for risk or price certainty
  • negotiation with suppliers around terms and conditions
  • aggregated gas purchasing
  • standalone energy purchasing or combined with site visits, energy audits and efficiency recommendations
  • supply of energy management data for CRC or internal reporting
  • assistance with invoice disputes.

To speak to us about this, email Graeme Low or call 020 7527 2554.

Energy policy and strategy

We can help you meet your obligations and understand the implications and opportunities arising from national energy policy including Carbon Reduction Commitment, Green Deal and Renewable Heat Incentive. 

We offer help to develop and deliver strategies, or we can take your existing strategies and deliver a programme of viable projects in support.

For more details, email James Wilson or call 020 7527 2349.

Energy supply companies

We provide advice on the establishment of energy partnerships and delivery companies.

To speak to us about this, email Ashwin Patel or call 020 7527 3560.

Planning advice

We provide a planning advice service to help developers and local authorities ensure applications are in line with policy requirements and that opportunities available for developments have been fully explored. Our team have collectively advised on hundreds of applications, including residential buildings, offices, hotels, leisure centres, schools, and complex multi-phase, mixed-use developments.

For businesses, we can help ensure that your energy statements are compliant with local planning policies.

For local authorities, we can advise on both planning policy and help your team assess energy statements submitted by developers, covering pre-applications, full applications, drafting, negotiating and discharging of conditions and s106 obligations. We review submitted documentation, scrutinise them against policy targets and guidance, and provide advice or direct consultation with planning officer and/or applicant.

For more details, email James Wilson or call 020 7527 2349.

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