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Employing people with learning disabilities

The iWork for Business team works with specialist organisations and local businesses to offer support and opportunities to anyone who wants to work. We offer a tailored recruitment and support service for people with learning disabilities.

Supporting you to employ people with learning disabilities

We can support employers by offering advice about the law, government funded support and other information that will help you proceed with confidence.

What are the benefits of employing people with learning disabilities?

  • Studies have shown that people with learning disabilities are often very reliable and loyal employees

  • It demonstrates your commitment to equal opportunities and diversity and improves your employees’ awareness of disability

  • The main benefit may simply be that you are employing the best person for the job!

Supporting you with recruitment

We can support you to develop an appropriate recruitment process. For example:

  • Interviews should focus on practical tasks rather than conventional questions and answers.

  • Allowing a candidate’s employment advisor to attend the interview.

  • Think about using work trials as a way of assessing someone’s ability to perform tasks.

  • A suitable vacancy can be anything from two to 35 hours per week.

Supporting people at work

We will support the successful applicant to gain Access to Work funding from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). This funding will provide a job coach to shadow and support your new recruit for the first 12 weeks of their employment - six weeks full time, six weeks part time - and can be used for other reasonable adjustments to deal with any issues at work.

Find out more

There is lots of advice and information available to businesses employing disabled people. Contact us with any questions you might have and we can signpost you to suitable organisations that can help you and your employees.

You can also visit gov.uk for information about making reasonable adjustments to support disabled job applicants, getting help with the extra costs some disabled people can face in work and how you can make sure your recruitment processes are fair and accessible.

Contact us

Call: 020 7527 2706

Email: iwork@islington.gov.uk

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