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Help for renters who are working

A short-term fund for people in work who rent their home

The fund was made to help people who are working and need help paying their rent. Applications for the fund are now closed.

Funding is limited, so there will be only one award per household. Awards will go to those who meet the eligibility criteria on a first come, first served basis.

A household is you, your partner, and any relatives who you live with. Anyone else in the property you live who is not part of your household, who pays rent and works can also apply for their own grant.


To apply for help you must:

  • live in Islington as your main and permanent address
  • pay rent
  • be in work
  • have total combined household earnings of less than £50,000 gross per year
  • have total combined household savings of less than £5,000
  • not be in full-time education, unless you are a mature student aged 25 and over
  • not have already received an award of £250 from the fund.

How to apply

Applications for this fund are now closed.

Read the guidance, and complete the online application to apply for the fund.

  • If you cannot give us the evidence we need, we may refuse your application.
  • Make sure to give us full information and the right proof so that we can assess your application as quickly as possible.
  • Awards must be used as intended. Using the award for any other purpose or providing false information will mean the council will recover the payment from you as well as any additional costs and interest. 

What happens after you apply

  1. We will assess any submitted applications during office hours, Monday to Friday.
  2. We will decide if you are eligible based on your application, evidence and circumstances.
  3. We will let you know our decision by email or post.
  4. If you are successful, we will make a payment to your bank account by bank transfer.
  5. Successful applications will receive a one-off payment of £250.

We aim to complete all applications within 21 working days.

Learn more about how we use your data by reading our privacy notice.

When the fund will close

  • We will close the scheme when we receive enough applications to spend the full amount of funding.
  • We will process applications in the order they are received.
  • We will refer you to other local support and advice services if we think it will help you.

Evidence you will need to provide

You will need to give us proof of:

  • the rent that you pay – either a tenancy agreement or a letter from the person you pay rent to
  • your savings for every member of your household, the most recent bank statement, or a full list of the last month of transactions and balance
  • your earnings and for every member of your household who is working – the most recent payslip or P60 (or, if you are self-employed, your most recent accounts).

Missing information

We will contact you by email to tell you what information is missing from your application.

If you do not provide full information in your application or the correct documents, this will slow down your application and may mean you do not receive an award.

Problems uploading documents

If you have any problems uploading documents, you can email documents to us at Please make sure you use the subject 'Help for renters who are working' so that we can prioritise your email. Or can also visit us at 222 Upper Street where someone will be able to assist you to scan your documents into our system.

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Data protection: We will handle your personal information in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and in accordance with the council’s Fair Processing Notice.