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Local Initiatives Fund

This fund supports activities and improvements in our neighbourhoods.

Local ward councillors have an annual budget of £14,000 per ward for small grants that deliver benefit to the residents of their ward (subject to the final agreement of the Voluntary and Community Sector Committee).   

They can go towards a variety of locally run activities like:

  • sports clubs
  • local festivals
  • youth activities
  • estate community events
  • environmental improvements
  • education and training classes 
  • pensioner outings and day trips

How to apply

We strongly advise you to try to contact your local ward councillor(s) and discuss your project before making an application. We would recommend you email all three councillors of the ward you wish to apply to, rather than just one.

If you have received a Local Initiatives Fund award from us previously and the project has finished, please make sure you have sent in all the required monitoring information before making your application. We won't be able to accept your application until we receive all this information.

2019-20 application deadlines

  • Tuesday 14 May 2019
    (final decisions communicated to applicants in late July 2019)
  • Tuesday 10 September 2019
    (final decisions communicated to applicants in late November 2019)
  • Tuesday 19 November 2019
    (final decisions communicated to applicants in late February 2020)
  • Thursday 6 February 2020
    (final decisions communicated to applicants in mid April 2020)

Please note that the Local Initiatives Fund normally funds projects in advance of them taking place. It is likely that funding will not be fully confirmed until at least nine weeks after the application deadlines listed above. We would recommend that you apply at least three months before your project takes place if you need the funding before delivering your project.

If your organisation submits an application form after any of the dates above, it will be considered in the next round of applications.

November 2019 update

Even though we are only halfway through the four rounds for this financial year, eight wards now have very little or no funding left to allocate to projects.

The Clerkenwell and Holloway wards are now closed for new applications and the next opportunity to apply to these two wards will be in the next financial year (i.e. around May 2020).

We would recommend that you email localinitiativesfund@islington.gov.uk (as well as emailing the councillors) in advance of submitting your application to these six wards (deadline: 19 November 2019) to check if there is funding available: (these six wards have less than 30% of their annual budget left): Barnsbury, Bunhill, Canonbury, Highbury West, Hillrise and St George’s.

Previous grants

Further information

Email: localinitiativesfund@islington.gov.uk

Please also use the above email address if you have difficulty contacting a councillor.

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