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Resident Support Scheme

If you are facing extreme hardship, read more about how this scheme may be able to help you.

Resident support scheme

Islington’s Resident Support Scheme provides support to residents facing severe financial hardship and in need of one off or temporary help with urgent living costs.

If you are an Islington resident in financial crisis read more about how this scheme may be able to help you.

If you are a voluntary or community sector organisation helping a client in crisis, you can refer residents to this scheme.

What is the Resident Support Scheme? 

Islington's Resident Support Scheme brings together a number of funding streams - aimed at helping those in financial hardship - into one single pot, with a single application process. This makes it easier for residents in crisis to apply for help.

The scheme provides a safety net to Islington residents who find themselves in severe financial hardship and are unable to afford basic necessities or living costs.

It provides one off or short-term support to help in an immediate crisis and puts residents in touch with other support that can help in the longer-term.

What help does the Resident Support Scheme provide?

• Crisis Provision - grants in the form of vouchers to buy food and fuel (energy) for those in crisis

• Community Care grants - for vulnerable residents to meet the costs of purchasing or replacing essential household items

• Council Tax reduction - a contribution towards Council Tax bill for those in exceptional circumstances

• Discretionary Housing Payments - some residents claiming housing benefit or housing support through Universal Credit may be eligible for support with housing costs. This could include help to meet any shortfall in rent as a result of Bedroom Tax, Benefit Cap or Local Housing Allowance, rent deposits, helps with removal costs

Who is eligible for the scheme?

Residents who are in severe financial hardship and who do not have access to alternative funding or savings may be eligible for an award.

Residents who are facing severe financial hardship as a result of COVID-19

An award for crisis provision will not normally be paid if you are in receipt of a welfare benefit, including Universal Credit, ESA, JSA, IS and Tax Credits.

Not everyone will be eligible – we will ask applicants a series of questions to see if they are eligible for help through the scheme. The operation of the scheme is at the Councils discretion and applicants do not have an automatic right to an award.

Applying to the scheme?

Please contact your Housing Association or for Council Tenants Housing Officer to discuss and complete an application form on your behalf.

If you are not a Housing Association or Council Tenant

Complete the request form, as it is the first step before making an application. Once your request form is received, an officer will contact you by phone to complete the application on your behalf.

For advice on our scheme call 020 7527 4990
Minicom: 020 7527 1900

Resident request form

Support for residents self-isolating

Test and Trace Support Payments are also available for residents who have been told through NHS Test and Trace that they must self-isolate and who are in employment or are self-employed, on a low income and in receipt of certain benefits, and will lose money because they cannot work from home.

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