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Resident Support Scheme

If you are facing extreme hardship, read more about how this scheme may be able to help you.

Resident support scheme

Please find below updated guidance on Islington’s Resident Support Scheme, which is offering temporary financial support to residents facing severe difficulties caused by the Coronavirus (CV) crisis. 

What is Islington Council’s Resident Support Scheme? 

The scheme supports the Council’s vision of a fairer Islington by offering temporary financial support to residents facing severe difficulties because of government cuts, changes to welfare benefits or those who find themselves in crisis.

The Resident Support Scheme brings together a number of different funding streams to try to ensure effective targeting of spend, reduce duplication of support and ensure that the appropriate funds are used. The scheme targets those at risk rather than those simply in need. It has universal eligibility criteria that determines whether a resident qualifies for support.

Referral to the scheme

We are making it easier for you to make self-referrals or apply on behalf of someone else. They just need to send an email with your contact information and details about your situation to the RSS team, who can issue a voucher towards groceries/fuel costs.

Email ResidentSupportTeam@islington.gov.uk

Please refer to the updated RSS Crisis Provision Guidance document for more information.

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