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Electoral services

Find out how to contact us and get reports and reviews of Islington’s electoral service.

Contacting the team

If you have any queries about elections, voting, registering to vote or standing at election, please contact us using the details below.

Electoral Services
Islington Council
Room G03
Town Hall Upper Street
N1 2UD 

Tel: 020 7527 3110 


The team is responsible for

  • Producing the annual electoral register – the list of all Islington residents eligible to vote and for the monthly registration process that runs from 1 December to mid-August
  • Managing and organising all local, Parliamentary and European elections and referendums held in the borough
  • Reviewing the constituency, ward and polling district boundaries in the borough
  • Publishing a notice every February which shows the number of local electors who must sign a petition (5% of the electorate) to trigger a referendum on changing the council constitution, for example to an elected Mayor

The February Notice

Each February we publish a Notice which gives the number of local government electors who must sign a petition (5% of electorate) to trigger a referendum on changing the governance of the Council to, for example, a directly elected Mayor. 

Read the most recent Notice.