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How we are funded

Fund out where our funding comes from.

Islington Council provides over 600 services to our 206,000 residents including schools, services for vulnerable adults, support to local businesses, libraries, street cleaning and community safety.

Most council funding comes from national government, which is why their cuts have such a huge impact. 

Council tax accounts for only 11 per cent (£67million) of our income. This might sound like a lot of money, but it wouldn’t even cover the annual budget for children’s services, which includes major things like children’s social care, fostering placements and services such as childcare and children’s centres.

Here is a breakdown of the sources of each pound of the council’s income:

Funding source   How much in each £1
Government grants   57p
Fees and charges   20p
Retained business rates   13p
Council tax    10p

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