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Mayor of London’s Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Islington Council is responsible for collecting the Mayoral CIL from developments in Islington. The Mayor of London’s CIL charge in Islington is £50 per square metre and is used by the Mayor to fund the delivery of Crossrail. A Nil rate applies to:

  • Development used wholly or mainly for the provision of any medical or health services except the use of premises attached to the residence of the consultant or practitioner;

  • Development used wholly or mainly for the provision of education as a school or college under the Education Acts or as an institution of higher education.

The Mayoral CIL applies to CIL liable developments consented on or after 1 April 2012.  

Further information on the Mayor of London’s CIL can be found on the Transport for London website and the Greater London Authority website.   

The Mayor of London has specified that any money payable under the Mayor’s CIL will be credited against any money that would otherwise be secured for Crossrail through planning obligations under London Plan Policy 8.2, to ensure schemes are not double charged.

The Mayor of London’s CIL charge for Islington was taken into account when determining the charging rates set out in the Islington CIL Charging Schedule.


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