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Elections on 2 May

Elections for the next Mayor of London and London Assembly members, as well as the by-election for Hillrise ward, will take place on Thursday 2 May. Make sure you're registered to vote by midnight on Tuesday 16 April. You can also sign-up to our Voting and Elections bulletin to get reminders and resources to help you vote.

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Local Authority Building Control (LABC)

LABC is the national organisation representing local authority building control departments in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Through our association with LABC we are able to offer:

LABC Partner Authority Scheme

This scheme is designed to help companies that operate in multiple locations and deal with many local authorities. It enables a company or adviser to have a one-to-one working relationship with a preferred local authority for all aspects of design, plans examination and pre-application advice. The site inspections are carried out by the local authority where each project is carried out.

LABC Registered details

LABC Registered Details enable developers, architects, designers, technical specifies and contractors to register or use existing design details to minimise the building control checking and approvals process.  Like the previous scheme, LABC Registered Details enables all local authority building control surveyors to share technical details and to recognise the building control decisions made by others in the LABC network.

This means that once a 'Registration' has been given through one local authority it will be recognised by all LABC surveyors in England and Wales.

Warranties and insurance

Unfortunately things sometimes go wrong, for example a builder stops trading or the work is not to the standard you expected. In these cases it can be reassuring to have insurance cover to fall back on.
For full information on LABC products visit

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