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Landlord accreditation scheme

Landlords who work with us are expected to sign up to the London Rental Standard and be accredited.

Landlords and agents should seek to be accredited through the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme (LLAS). You will need to attend a training day and, on completion, you will get an accreditation certificate.

The LLAS aims to provide landlords and agents with information and professional development opportunities to:

  • Allow them to operate a successful business
  • Provide their tenants with safe and high quality accommodation
  • Reduce the need for intervention from local authorities

In partnership with Accreditation and Training for Landlords and Agents Services (ATLAS), LLAS supports and encourages the continuous professional development (CPD) of its members.  

This is that they are able to maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge and skills in the management of landlords/tenants issues and of property standards to a high level.

The CPD programme validates and acts as a quality assurance for the competency of accredited landlords and agents.

LLAS/CPD training courses include the following topics:

  • practical possession proceedings under Section 21/Section 8
  • setting up tenancy agreements
  • end of tenancy management
  • taxation
  • Universal Credit / Local Housing Allowance.
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