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Why foster with Islington

Being a foster carer needs commitment and can be challenging, but it's hugely rewarding and satisfying.

You will be providing care and support to a young person when they most need it, helping to shape their future. You will be rewarded with the knowledge you have made a real difference and given them the best possible start in life.

Support and training 

Support and training doesn’t stop once you are approved. All foster carers get an extensive support and training package, including:  

  • monthly supervision and support
  • a dedicated social worker
  • 24-hour expert advice and support
  • training, social worker support and  support groups 
  • an active foster carer’s association offering representation and peer support with weekly coffee mornings and annual ‘thank you’ event
  • educational support for children
  • close working with professional support teams, including child social workers, health and educational specialists
  • free membership of the Fostering Network membership
  • legal protection insurance and public liability cover

If you’re interested in doing further training, we’ll encourage and support you to get additional qualifications.

Weekly allowances

When you become a foster carer with Islington, you’ll get a weekly allowance (PDF, 56KB) for each child placed in your care, up to £451.91 per child 

 Age range  Maintenance allowance  Training and placement allowance  Reward for professional carers  Total weekly per child
 0-4 years  £149.00  £73.69  £139.29  £361.98
 5-10 years  £168.00  £60.60  £139.29  £367.89
 11-15 years  £203.40  £98.55  £139.29  £441.24
 16-17 years  £222.00  £97.59  £139.29  £458.88

Professional fee is £108.99 per week for second and subsequent children. The total specialist foster carer rate is £750 per week.

£5 is automatically deducted from the allowance for the young person’s savings plan.

The maintenance allowance is paid to all carers and covers the costs of caring for a child including food, clothing, transport, pocket money, hobbies and savings.

The training and placement allowance is paid to those carers who complete their own Training, Support and Development portfolio to a high standard and have shown commitment to attend:

  • the required number of training courses
  • the induction group 
  • monthly foster carers support groups 
  • fostering changes groups 

The reward for professional carers is for carers who are available to foster a wide range of children. This is a payment for your services as a foster carer and may be paid for you to keep a vacancy for up to 12 weeks. 

Foster carers also get a payment for: 

  • the child’s birthday 
  • a religious holiday celebrated by the child
  • a holiday for the child, including for summer holiday outings and towards school trips.

Friends and family foster carers

You may be caring for a child who is subject to a Care order, meaning you become a full foster carer, even if the child is known to you and may be related to you. Friends and family foster carers receive special advice and support from a dedicated ‘family plus’ team and can also attend all same training as other foster carers . The family plus team will also help you to plan ahead for permanent arrangements for the child.

What is the next step?

If you have any further questions please call the team on 0800 073 0428 or email us at fostering@islington.gov.uk

To find out more you can attend one of our information sessions where you can talk to the team and current Islington foster carers. 

Details of the next sessions can be on our how to apply page.

You can also drop in and talk to the recruitment team at our 3 Elwood Street, N5 1EB office, 10am – 4pm Monday-Friday.

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