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Specialist Fostering

Build futures with us as a specialist foster carer 

Islington’s specialist fostering scheme is a hugely rewarding role caring for children and young people up to 18 years old who have been through trauma and had adverse childhood experiences. We are looking for energetic people who can provide a stable and supportive home and have good listening and communicating skills to help you build a positive relationship with the young person and bring about long-term change.

The aim of the specialist fostering scheme in Islington is to provide therapeutic and reparative parenting to these children and young people. Islington’s approach is based on the belief that trying to control people’s behaviour is ineffective; people change when they feel deeply understood, develop trust and start to believe different life opportunities are open to them. They need understanding adults to help them find words to make sense of their experience.

About the young people in the Specialist Fostering scheme

Each young person placed in the Specialist Fostering scheme will present complex needs and may have trouble building relationships due to adverse childhood experiences. They will need your help to build trust and find out that people do care about them. They will have experienced separation from their birth families and may have already lived with a number foster families or in residential care before this point.

With what they have faced they could be suffering from low self-esteem and will need your help to allow them to believe in themselves, building the path to them really achieving their goals. Many of the young people may not be in education and will need support and encouragement with their learning or training path. Most of all they will need you to listen and show you care.

About you

To best help, you will ideally have experience of working with teenagers and an understanding of complex behaviour and the difficult experiences young people face in today's society.

Because of the needs the young people will have you must be available full time. While you do not have to live in the Islington area we ask you live in within an hour’s journey. This is to allow the young person to maintain their links with education and family members. It also ensures it is easy for you to attend meetings or any of the training or support sessions Specialist carers receive.

Islington specialist foster carers work in partnership with other professionals. You will be closely involved with the team around you and benefit from a support package tailored specifically around the young person and you. All specialist carers receive monthly clinical and group supervision and 24 hour specialist support as well as ongoing training to meet the needs of your placement. This support not only helps build your career but also provides you with enhanced allowances and retainer fees.

Specialist foster carers with Islington receive:

  • Allowances of up to £865 per week
  • Retainers of £450 per week
  • 24 hour specialist support
  • Regular clinical consultations with a Child and Adolescent mental health specialist (CAMHS)
  • Monthly specialist foster carer’s group supervision with other specialist foster carers
  • On-going professional training to meet the children's individual needs

A dedicated social worker providing fortnightly supervision.

Being a specialist foster carer can be a challenging role but also gives huge rewards. You will be giving positive experiences and life changing support that the young person will carry with them for the rest of their life. As a specialist foster carer you really will be changing lives and building futures.

To find out more about becoming a specialist foster carer with Islington, or if you would like to hear more about our other fostering schemes, please contact the team on 020 7527 7933 or drop us an email at

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