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Information on all the sport and activity on offer in Islington.

There are over 60 sports and other types of physical activity on offer in Islington at more than 100 clubs, leisure centres, parks, community centres and other venues. There is something for everyone, whatever your physical ability, age, or whether you have a disability.

Being active cuts the risks of many major illnesses, improves the way you feel, and helps you live longer. Being active and having a healthy diet can treat obesity, which is linked to many serious health conditions.

Go to the Islington leisure centres and sports facilities page for Islington Council’s seven leisure centres and nine courts and pitches that are managed by GLL.

From March 23 to 4 May 2022, schools, communities and families are invited to take the Beat the Street challenge, which rewards people for ditching the car and walking, cycling or rolling around the borough. The game is free to take part in and open to everyone. Teams that clock up the highest number of active travel miles are in for a chance to win book or sports equipment vouchers. People pick up a free card and then, once the game is underway, use them to store points on special sensors called ‘beat boxes’ which are appearing on lampposts across the borough. Find out more and join at

For more ideas and support on getting active, visit the One You Islington page.

Or try one of the activities below:

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