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Islington leisure centres

Find leisure centres and pitches in Islington, where they are, how to join and improvements

Islington Council has seven leisure centres and nine courts and pitches across the borough which are managed by GLL. 

News update. A trampoline park has opened in Sobell leisure centre. Highbury Leisure Centre has a new health suite, an extended fitness gym and dry changing rooms.

Leisure centres

The leisure centres are fully accessible to disabled people. 

Courts and pitches

These and other courts and pitches can be booked through My Local Pitch.

Membership and free day pass

GLL offers a range of memberships. This includes a concessionary rate for residents who have a disability or receive benefits, under 16s, full-time students and senior citizens.

Claim a free day pass to try out the leisure centres.

Improvements at leisure centres

Islington Council wit

h GLL is carrying out improvements to the leisure centres:

  • Islington Tennis Centre has a new group exercise studio, health suite, changing rooms and reception area, and a larger gym
  • Sobell Leisure Centre has a new reception area and coffee corner. A trampoline park has opened in the centre
  • Highbury Leisure Centre has a new first floor with two studios and a new reception. There is a new health suite, an extended fitness gym and dry changing rooms
  • Islington Council plans to redevelop Finsbury Leisure Centre to provide a new leisure centre, council homes, healthcare, childcare and energy facilities.

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