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Caledonian Park Clock Tower tours

The grand opening of the Cally Clock Tower Centre took place in June 2019.

If you would like to climb the tower please book in advance on one of our Clock Tower tours.

Find out more about the launch on our Projects page.

Cally Clock Tower is open, free of entry, on a regular basis. Find out more:

Saturday Clock Tower tours

Park Tours (recommended for those who cannot climb the tower)

Visitor code

Accessing the clock tower requires a reasonable level of fitness and ability to cope with heights and confined spaces.

Before booking please read the visitor code:

Visitors wishing to climb the 220 steps to the top of the clock tower need to have a reasonable level of fitness, must be able to walk unaided and should be confident with heights and being in confined spaces.

We want you to enjoy your visit but for your protection the following are brought to your attention:

  • Obey all directions given by stewards.
  • Apart from the cast iron spiral stairs to the first floor all stairs are narrow, wooden with open treads and balustrades.
  • Only one person is allowed on each wooden stair flight at any one time.
  • Take special care coming up through the hatch from the clock chamber to the clock face room (stewards will help guide you).
  • The panoramic views from the top are spectacular but the surrounding railings are low. Take great care when walking around the viewing platform and do not lean out over the railings.
  • The tower is dusty and suitable clothing should be worn with well-fitting shoes (no high-heels or flip flops).
  • Children should be aged 10 or over and be accompanied by an adult. This is due to the difficulty of the climb and also evacuation procedures.
  • Visitors need both hands free to assist in climbing the stairs. Bags etc. should be left with the steward on the ground floor reception desk.
  • Access to the upper levels is under guided supervision only. Do not proceed beyond No Entry signs

Participate responsibly. You should be in good health. You know your physical conditions and limitations, if you suspect your health could be at risk for any reason, or you could aggravate a pre-existing condition of any kind, do not put your health at risk.

Visitors who are pregnant or have a history of recent surgery, heart trouble or high blood pressure, back trouble, vertigo, or any other condition that may be aggravated by strenuous exertion should not participate. 

If you have any concerns about your ability to climb the tower safely or would like any other information, please speak to a steward or a member of staff.

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