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Set up an event in a park

Here’s how to organise an event in one of our parks.

In Islington we have hundreds of events each year, from private parties, team building days, community and charity events, children’s parties, sporting competitions, sponsored walks and runs, music festivals, corporate events, fun fairs, wedding celebrations and open air performances.

Check if you need permission to hold an event in one of our parks

Sometimes we may need event organisers to submit applications. This is to make sure that:

  • events are safe for everyone
  • money made from commercial or private events goes back into our parks to help maintain them
  • someone is accountable if any damage is caused to park assets, such as trees, grass or benches, or if activities upset other park users or local residents. 

If your event includes any one of the below, you will need to make a formal online application:

  • more than 50 people attending
  • amplified music
  • professional caterers
  • temporary structures such as bouncy castles or gazebos
  • gas-fired barbecues
  • the activity could cause harassment, alarm or distress to other park users or local residents.

If you are planning an event for the Queen’s Jubilee which doesn’t include any of these things or you want to hold an event on an estate, apply for a Jubilee celebration in a park or estate instead.

How to apply

1. Contact us to check the site is available to hire

There are fees associated with your application and site hire fees apply to the majority of events. Costs are provided on application.. Contact us if you are would like some guidance on prices.  

2. Register on EventApp 

Once we've confirmed that the park is available and suitable for your event, you’ll need to register on EventApp, our park events booking site. Registration is quick and easy and your details will be retained for any future applications. 

3. Complete your online application

So that we can process your application you'll need to send it together with your Public Liability Insurance, an Event Plan*, Site Plan* and Risk Assessment*. We’ll need these documents:

  • 45 days before the event date for licensable events (for example, events including music, performance or sale of alcohol)
  • 90 days before the event date for events attracting 1000+ people or those that require public consultation 

*There are templates for these documents available to download on EventApp along with other important information about the process and what else you may need to provide. You may also be required to submit further information and apply for other separate licenses or permits.

4. After you've applied

When you submit your application you will get an email confirming we have received it. This does not mean you have booked the space. We aim to get back to all applicants within a week although at times of high demand this can take longer.

Your application will go through a period of consultation of at least two weeks before a decision is made. If your event is likely to have a significant impact on the site or surrounding area, you may be required to meet with the Safety Advisory Group (SAG), before permission is granted and the consultation period may be extended. 

Health and safety at events in Islington is vital, please refer to our event conditions for more information on how to ensure your event is safe. 

We also want events in Islington to be accessible to as wide a range of people as possible, to help with this please read our accessibility guide.

School sports days

The sports day application process is separate to other events. Please use this application form and email the events team. They will be able to check availability and confirm the booking. 

The Garden Classroom education sessions

Islington Council’s Parks Service is working with The Garden Classroom to encourage and promote schools to use greenspaces for learning in natural environments.

Regular events

If you are applying to:

  • have a regular market
  • have a concession in a park (e.g. an ice cream van) 
  • manage one of the park cafes

please contact us with the details.

Contact us

To contact us please email or text: 'Greenspace' and your message to '80800'

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  1. Data protection: We will handle your personal information in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and in accordance with the council’s Fair Processing Notice.