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Wallace Road/Grosvenor Avenue open space improvement works

This project aims to improve the public open space at the junction of Grosvenor Road and Wallace Road, N1 through the creation of an attractive plaza space for the benefit of the local community that encourages public use for meeting, relaxing and events and which creates opportunities for local economic diversification and growth.

Islington Council carried out a public consultation with the local residents in March 2018 on the following new works: 

  • Infill existing sunken seating area to match surrounding levels 
  • Replace existing paving
  • New site furniture
  • New lighting scheme
  • Improve planting and grass areas
  • Provision of new trees 
  • Provision of service connections for proposed kiosk location/ events
  • Provision of additional cycle parking
  • Provision of site interpretation relating to the New River

See the attached Wallace Road/Grosvenor Avenue Design Proposals Consultation Feedback Summary March 2018.
Next steps

The design proposals will be further developed and where possible incorporate the feedback we received.  Also the new works will be costed in preparation for the procurement stage.  We anticipate site works to commence in 2019.

For further details about the project please contact:
Jenifer Baker, Project Manager 
Public Realm 
1 Cottage Road 
London N7 8TP


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