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St Marys Gardens

St Marys Gardens, Upper Street

St Marys Gardens is a popular open space in an important historic setting, that is well used by local residents and nearby office workers. However, the garden area to the north of the church is somewhat neglected and underused. In partnership with St Marys Church, the Council’s Parks Service is developing proposals to improve the quality of this space in a way that retains its peaceful atmosphere and greenery while creating a more welcoming entrance from Upper Street, more seating and the opportunity to hold occasional events. We are also working up proposals for interpretation of the historical significance of the site to be inlaid into the design.

Funding for the project has been obtained from section 106 developer contributions from the nearby Almeida post office site.

What’s Happening Now

Designs for the gardens on the north side of St Marys church are now complete and have been submitted for planning and faculty approval. The new proposals will open up the gardens with three new pedestrian entrances from the Upper Street end of the site. Safety will be improved by the introduction of three new lighting columns along the footpath between Upper Street and Dagmer Passage. The design also includes new seating and informal play items such as balancing beams, large stone pebbles and stepping stones. The existing overgrown shrubs will be replaced with new planting beds with evergreen ground cover planting and spring bulbs.

Establishment of a Friends Group for St Marys Gardens

A number of local residents and park users have decided to establish a Friends Group for the gardens. If you are interested in joining the group please contact the park manager Bhupesh Thapa by email at or telephone 0207 527

Contact us

If you would like further information about the project please email or telephone 0207 5274926.

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