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St James Gardens

St James Gardens, Clerkenwell – Proposed Improvements

St James Gardens is a popular open space in an important historic setting that is well used by local residents and nearby office workers. The gardens have suffered from a lack of investment in recent years and Islington Council Parks Service would like to refurbish the site to make it more attractive for everyone and improve its ability to withstand current high levels of use and occasional events.

£100,000 from section 106 developer contributions has been made available to Islington Parks Service to carry out an initial phase of works which will address the most urgent needs. We hope additional section 106 allocations will be available to allow a full package of site improvements to be completed.

We have appointed Ireland Albrecht landscape architects to prepare a feasibility study and preliminary proposals for refurbishment of the site.

Consultation results

We consulted on our preliminary proposals for the site between 17 July and 17 September 2017. The responses we received were generally positive and many useful suggestions were made which we will consider in developing the proposals further. You can download a copy of our consultation report at the bottom of this page.

What happens next?

In response to feedback from residents and stakeholders our designers are currently looking at options for alternative treatment of the lawns, and opening up the northwest corner of the site adjacent to Clerkenwell Close to allow more light and enable better public use to be made of this part of the site alongside layout changes that will reflect the location of the former nunnery cloisters. Further details will be available shortly for comment.

We are still awaiting confirmation of funding to enable us to undertake a comprehensive refurbishment of the site and expect a decision to made in the next few months.

If no further funding is allocated we will undertake a more limited programme of repairs and improvements within our existing funding allocation such as - basic improvements to existing paving; refurbishing existing seating and setting it back into planting areas to improve circulation space; cutting back mature shrubs to improve sightlines and allow new ground cover planting to establish and improving vehicular access from St James Walk.

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