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Kinloch Gardens

The park has been allocated section 106 money to make improvements to Kinloch Gardens.  We’d love the local community to get involved and help us improve your park.

Consultations phase

Thank you to everyone who attended our consultations in April at Timbuktu Adventure Playground as well as our second community consultation on 17 June at Kinloch Gardens. We had some great conversations about the proposed improvements and have taken note of all the comments that were provided. 

If you were unable to make the consultations please see the updated information below under ‘useful documents’ about the improvements works at Kinloch Gardens and the proposed plans so far.

We are now moving into the detail design phase and will aim to have detail drawings with specific play equipment and final layout of the park available in the next few months.

Get involved

We would like to create a community group dedicated to creating the planting plans for the park and developing a long term maintenance plan.  We have heard from a lot of local residents already and know that many of you have a green thumb so if you would like to contribute to the planting design in the park please do get in touch and join the group.  We would love to hear your ideas.

Contact us

The local community’s support is important to the success of this project and we encourage you to get involved.

If you would like to be kept up to date on the progress of the park improvements and received monthly updates please e-mail

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