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Kinloch Gardens

The park has been allocated section 106 money to make improvements to Kinloch Gardens.  We’d love the local community to get involved and help us improve your park.

Kinloch Gardens Improvements Project: What’s Next?

We have now moved on to the final design phase of the project. Over the next few months we will be removing some of the poor quality (diseased, dead or dying) trees in order to prepare for the works on site.  Please see the attached drawing below (KG_concept_tree removal and planting) to see which trees will be removed. We intend to plant some trees in the park and would love to know which trees the community would like to see planted so get in touch and let us know.  Contact the horticulture project officer Morgan Pegg ( to suggest any species of tree or special planting you would like to see in the park.

We will now need to procure a contractor to carry out the works and to install the new play equipment. After the procurement period we hope to be on site to carry out the improvements during the winter months when the park is quieter.  It was suggested at the last consultation in the park that it would be useful to keep a portion of the park open during construction.  We are working to make this happen however the open part of the park will have to be coordinated with the appointed contractor as well as the area will required a complete health and safety assessment to ensure everyone’s safety during construction.  I will update the community with a plan when we have finalised the details of the park closure.

Please take a look at the final design for the park (see below drawing A1 Poster Kinloch Gardens).  We have tried to include some exciting new play features including play focused on specific age groups so there is a better range for all kids in the park.  We have worked with a specialist play designer to produce an exciting timber climbing frame with a slide and special climbing features (see 55843-001-001 Kinloch Gardens Presentation).  A portion of the park will still be fenced off and this area is more focused on younger children’s play including a new timber play house and new junior swings.  We will be retaining and re-locating some of the existing play features into this area as well.

We welcome your feedback as we progress the project along. Thanks for your patience thus far, we’re excited to move to the next stages and get started on building this new play area!

This is our intended timeline over the next few months:



September/October 2017_ Final construction drawings completed, procurement for landscape contractor begins


October 2017_ Felling category U trees- managed by Islington Tree Service


December/January 2017-18_Aim to get works on site during winter months, portion of the park left open (to be confirmed)


Get involved

We would like to create a community group dedicated to creating the planting plans for the park and developing a long term maintenance plan.  We have heard from a lot of local residents already and know that many of you have a green thumb so if you would like to contribute to the planting design in the park please do get in touch and join the group.  We would love to hear your ideas.

Contact us

The local community’s support is important to the success of this project and we encourage you to get involved.

If you would like to be kept up to date on the progress of the park improvements and received monthly updates please e-mail

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