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Highbury Fields

Improving the buildings on Highbury Fields

The council currently has £551,226.49, funded by s106 contributions, to improve the north east corner of Highbury Fields, adjacent to Highbury Grove. Central to this project is the development of new built facilities, to replace several existing poor quality buildings in need of replacement. This project is in its very early stages and we will need to raise more money to achieve this scheme in its entirety but we want to deliver up to Stage 3 which would be confirming a design for the improvements. This is the aim of this scheme.

Following an extensive procurement process that included a two-day public voting event in September, we have appointed Levitate as the architect for this project. Thank you to those who helped us make this appointment, the comments and feedback you made on the day will be very useful.

Upcoming Consultation Event

The design team has been preparing for a  Stage 1 consultation event since October last year, which will determine whether the improvement plans will centre around one or more buildings, and will present this information to the public at a two-day consultation event on Wednesday 28th February and Thursday 1st March 2018. 

More information will follow on this but it will be held at Highbury Baptist Church, N5.

You can read more about the project programme below, in the document titled ‘Project Programme 2017/18 in the ‘Useful Documents’ section. This document also includes a little bit more information on Levitate and the design team.

Stakeholders will also be kept up-to-date via the project mailing list – if you would like to join this please email

Useful Documents

Please take a look at the ‘Useful Documents’ section at the bottom of this page. Here you will find a copy of the strategic design brief, which was used to procure an architect, alongside a copy of another important document called 'The Vision'. Produced in 2007, this document was created as a reference for the future maintenance, protection and sustainability of the fields. Whilst it is not a comprehensive strategy, The Vision identifies broad priorities that this scheme will address.

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