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You are welcome to have a barbecue in our parks; here are some tips on how to enjoy them safely.

Islington Council has lifted the temporary suspension of barbecues in Islington parks. Recent rainfall has significantly reduced the risk of fire and as long as people follow our Safe Barbecue Guidance and barbecue responsibly they are welcome to barbecue in our parks once again. We will keep this under review if weather conditions change.

This policy has been very popular with residents since it was introduced, and particularly during summer months when more people are out enjoying the nicer weather. However, we do ask that people barbecuing in our parks do so safely and show consideration to other park users and local residents.

Below are some guidelines that we ask you to follow:

  • If you are planning on having more than 50 people at your barbecue or intend to use a gazebo or play music you will need to apply for a licence. Our EventApp below can help you with this.
  • Before starting your barbecue, make sure it is on a stand and not placed directly on the grass.
  • We advise you to use ‘kettle’ type barbecues rather than disposable foil ones – this helps reduce smoke levels.
  • Use your barbecue in the centre of the park if there is not a dedicated area - not near homes. 
  • Take some water to put out the barbecue once it’s finished.
  • Make sure barbecues are cool before putting them in the bin. Special barbecue disposal bins are available on Highbury Fields.
  • Dispose of all litter properly, and recycle your rubbish wherever possible.
  • Keep children supervised around the barbecue at all times.

Barbecue Area in Highbury Fields

We're consulting on a proposal to introduce a byelaw on the use of barbecues in Highbury Fields. Find out more and have your say.

Please use the marked barbecue area is on the west side of the field closest to Highbury & Islington station.

We have chosen this spot because we think it best suits the needs of people who want to barbecue while keeping disruption to local residents to a minimum.
If you want to have a barbecue please use this area, follow our guidelines and finish by 9pm.

The council will be looking to introduce regulations on the measures next summer, following a public consultation.

For more information please read our press release

Anti-social behaviour in parks

The council and police take anti-social behaviour in our parks very seriously. We have a dedicated parks patrol service who will deal with any issues they witness, but you can also report incidents to the council 24/7.

In an emergency always call 999.

If you are planning on having more than 50 people at your barbecue or intend to use a gazebo or play music you will need to apply for a licence. Gas canisters are not allowed unless the canister is under 300g. Our EventApp below can help you with this: