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Accessing parks

A guide to park opening times and accessibility information

We aim to make our parks welcoming and accessible for all visitors and users.

Use our maps to identify nearest disabled parking bays and distance from public transport routes.

A Disabled Access Guide is available for many of our parks at Disabled Go. 

Gate locking

Some of Islington's parks are locked at night and others are un-gated sites or not locked.

The lockable sites are opened by 8am every morning and are locked around dusk.

In order to meet savings targets, we have reduced the number of parks we lock, from 92 sites to around 45. 

We will be using some of the savings identified from the change in locking arrangements to provide additional assurance patrols to manage any issues that may arise as we implement these arrangements.

The Greenspace Service fully reviewed the list of parks to determine which sites should remain open. The criteria used for the selection to determine which sites should be left open included those:

  • with history of anti-social behaviour (ASB)
  • with vulnerable facilities/valuable assets
  • close to higher risk areas for ASB

The list of parks we are locking can be downloaded (PDF).

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