Staying safe at home

We all want to live in our own homes, and there is lots of evidence that people are healthier and happier at home than staying anywhere else. We also all want peace of mind that if something happens to us at home, we have the right support in place to respond quickly and appropriately.

This page gives an overview of the support that is available in Islington to stay safe at home.

Telecare service

Islington Telecare offers services which help you live independently at home. We fit simple, safe equipment in your home, which connects you to our Telecare Team when you need help.

Islington Telecare provides peace of mind for you, your carers and family as we are here to get you the help you need 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are there to help in any emergency – when your special button or sensor is triggered you are instantly connected to the Telecare Team, who make sure you get the help you need.

There are two different levels of service:

Monitoring service: You choose three people you know and trust, who live near you, to have a set of keys for your home. When you activate the alarm, the Telecare Team will contact your 'keyholders' and, if necessary, the relevant emergency service.

Full service: We keep a set of your keys so we can access your home when the alarm is activated. If necessary, we also contact the relevant emergency service. We keep the keys in a safe that we monitor at all times. We only remove the keys to respond to an alarm.

Additional support: We may also offer a range of specialised telecare sensors for your home, which offer help and protection in case of:

  • falls
  • flood
  • seizure
  • gas leak or carbon monoxide
  • extremes of temperature
  • bogus callers or intruders


Monitoring service - £4.44 per week.

Full service - £8.88 per week.

We may be able to help you fund some of the specialised services. In order to access this funding you will need an assessment from Adult Social Services and be eligible for support from them. We will refer you for this if relevant.

Make an enquiry

For more information contact the Telecare Team on 020 7527 5456. Or you can pop in to see us, 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday at 222 Upper Street, N1 1XR.

Installing and repairing safety equipment at home

Islington Adult Social Care has dedicated occupational therapists who are able to help you plan and install the right equipment in your home. This could be railings, non-slip bathroom mats, technology to help you control the lights, or a whole range of other options, all of which are designed to help you manage around the house.

If you think you need occupational therapy equipment at home, contact us for an assessment. If you have equipment already installed that needs to be repaired, call us on 0207 527 2299 and select option 2.

Find out more about support to stay safe at home

There are many more services that can provide support so you feel safe living at home on the Islington Adults Directory.

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