Support from the Islington community for adults with physical disabilities

Adult residents of the borough with a physical disability can benefit from support from the Islington community.

Support getting around

The Disabled Person’s Freedom Pass gives free travel on London's public transport to disabled Islington residents.

You can also get a wide range of other support for travelling around the borough by looking on the Adults Directory.

Support with sight or hearing issues

There are a wide range of services in the borough for adults with sensory impairments. The council has an award-winning sign language interpreting team, and there are a lot of other organisations active in Islington, all of which are listed on our Adults Directory.

Sport and activity

Staying physically active is really important, keeping us healthy in mind and body. There are many regular opportunities for adults with physical disabilities to get involved in sport, dance or other physical activities in Islington – go to All in Islington to find everything from walking to Zumba.


With a little bit of extra support, a lot of Islington residents with disabilities find it hugely rewarding to get involved in the creative arts. Arts groups can be a great way to express yourself, meet people, and stay involved in the community. The ‘Arts’ category on the Adults Directory has a list of all the opportunities in Islington.


Islington’s 11 libraries offer a place for adults with disabilities, along with the whole community, to get online, meet other people and attend interesting events.

To find your local library, visit our Libraries home page.

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