Support from the Islington community for older people

Islington is full of charities, services and community organisations that have a focus on opportunities and support for older people. Between them they offer an amazing range of activities, events and groups for older people to get involved in, and we highlight a few of them here.

You should also have a look at the Adults Directory which has many more opportunities listed.

Age UK Islington

Age UK Islington provide support to older people aged 50+ to make the most of their later life by connecting, advising and enabling them to achieve fulfilling, independent and active lives.

You can find out more about them by visiting the Age UK Islington website.

Lunch clubs

We have more than 15 lunch clubs for older residents all over the borough, from Finsbury to Archway, providing an opportunity for people to socialise, get connected, and stay engaged in their community. A full list can be found on the Adults Directory.

Creative arts

There are a large number of organisations working in Islington and offering opportunities for older people to engage in art and design and similar activities, which are stimulating, fun and social. Find out more on the Adults Directory.

Digital skills

As more and more of life’s basics, from paying bills to staying in touch with family and friends, are moving online, it’s becoming really important for older residents to have the confidence and skills to use the computer and internet effectively. Thankfully there are lots of services across Islington to support you in doing so, like the Friendship Computer Network at Manor Gardens.

For a full list, visit the Adults Directory.


Islington’s 11 libraries are a fantastic resource for older people, providing a place not just to enjoy reading and learning but also to get online, meet other people and attend interesting events. To find your local library, visit our Libraries home page.

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