Support from the Islington community for adults with mental health needs

If you're an Islington resident with mental health needs, you can access support from the Islington community.

Islington Mind

Islington Mind offers a wide range of services to support people with mental health issues, which are open to anybody living in the borough regardless of whether you have a formal diagnosis or not.

For more information contact the service using the details below:

Telephone: 020 3301 9850
Website: Islington Mind

Employment support

Having a good, fulfilling job is often associated with good mental health and general wellbeing, and employment is a big priority for the council too.

There is specialist support for adults in Islington with mental health needs who want to find work, thanks to the Mental Health working project. You can find out more about employment support in Islington by searching ‘employment’ on the Adults Directory.

Support for families and individuals affected by dementia

Dementia can present major challenges for the individual affected and for their family and friends. There is a wide range of services available in the borough for people affected by dementia; one example is the Dementia Navigators. A complete list of organisations who support individuals with dementia can be found on the Adults Directory.

Opportunities for adults with autism and related conditions

There is a great set of opportunities for adults with autistic spectrum conditions in Islington, from social evenings with Au Struck to activities at day centres like Daylight.

You can find more information by searching for 'autism' on the Adults Directory.


Islington’s 11 libraries offer a place for adults with mental health needs, along with the whole community, to get online, meet other people and attend interesting events. To find your local library, visit our Libraries home page.

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