Research governance in social care

If you are thinking about doing social research on social care issues in Islington, this is what you need to do before you can start.

Research governance

Research governance is a set of standards developed by the Department of Health to ensure good practice when conducting research. Research governance checks that your research proposal is ethical, safe and appropriate.

What counts as research

It is any exercise which involves collecting information from or about people who have had contact with adult social care services in Islington, their carers and staff. It includes, surveys, focus groups, interviews, evaluations, reviews, consultations and students projects.

Who research governance applies to

It applies to anyone undertaking research - all staff, students, external researchers and peer / user led researchers.

What you need to do

If you want to undertake social care research in Islington, please email We will send you an application form to complete, which asks:

  • What you are trying to find out

  • How you will be doing the research

  • How participants will be approached / involved

Your application will be looked at by a panel, which will consider:

  • If the research is of good quality, safe and ethical

  • If the research is appropriate at this time

  • Whether the council have the capacity to support the project

For more information, contact the Project Manager for Collaborative Commissioning on 020 7527 8157.

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