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Surveys and consultations

One of the ways you can get involved in making adult social care in Islington better is by responding to one of our surveys or consultations, which appear regularly on a wide range of subjects.

This page gives a sense of some of our major surveys and consultations, and what we have learned from them.

Department of Health statutory surveys

The council is required by the Government to undertake statutory surveys of service users and carers. These are the Annual Service User Survey and the Biannual Carers Survey.

All councils are required to complete these surveys. Islington is one of the few local authorities in the country to give every person who accesses social care services the opportunity to take part.

We use your feedback to help us look at where things are working well and what could be improved, and to learn where we need to undertake further research or work with service users and carers. This will help us find out how we can make social care and support better in Islington and measure how well Islington Council provides care and support services against the national Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework.

This framework looks at satisfaction with services, quality of life, feeling safe and finding information about services.

Local research and consultation

We hold consultations when we're looking at how we can improve a service, or need to change aspects of a service. These could be in the form of public meetings or surveys, for example.

We also undertake research exercises that help us to improve social care services. Some research is undertaken in partnership with universities or other health and social care organisations. All research and consultation exercises have to meet legal research governance requirements. You can find out more about research governance in adult social care.

Results from research and consultation

We will always tell people who take part in research and consultation what we found and what we will do as a result. Reports from recent research and consultation exercises can be found in the 'useful documents' section.

Co-production – working together to help make social care better

Islington has a strong commitment to working in partnership with service users, carers and residents to delivery high-quality services that reflect the needs of the community. For more information take a look at the page Help make social care better.

Find out more

To find out more about research and consultation in Islington adult social care, you can email us on

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