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Information about healthy weight management, baby care and dental health for parents, their children and young people to help them keep well and happy.

Islington Breastfeeding Peer Support

The Islington Breastfeeding and Weaning Peer Support Project is a free service for new mums in Islington.

In both the Whittington and UCH hospitals a team of friendly and experienced breastfeeding supporters and helpers support parents and babies in the postnatal wards every day. The project also contacts mums shortly after they have been discharged from hospital to offer telephone support in their first few days at home with their babies.

In addition, the project runs seven friendly and welcoming weekly breastfeeding drop-in groups at children’s centres across Islington, where mums can just turn up and see a breastfeeding supporter and meet other mums and babies. Times and locations of drop in sessions can be found on the Breastfeeding Network website.

The project also provides home visits for mums who find it hard to get to a group in the early days.

For more information on the Islington Breastfeeding and Weaning Peer Support Project or to find your nearest group please call 020 3316 8439.

Oral Health Promotion Service

We have commissioned Whittington Health to work actively across Islington to improve residents’ oral health, as well as their knowledge, attitude and behaviours and to reduce health inequalities.

Whittington Health's main focus is on children, older people and vulnerable adults and the service is delivered through a variety of initiatives targeting these groups.

For more information on oral health promotion and education in Islington please call 020 3317 2353.

Child Weight Management

If you are worried about your child’s weight the Islington School Nursing Team provides one to one advice to children and families on food, activity, weight and health. This service can help identify your child’s specific needs to help them reach a healthy weight, do more exercise and eat healthier food. 

Last year over 65% of children who took part in the programme lost or maintained their weight. Appointments are held in schools, local health centres or through a home visit which will help motivate, inspire and support families to adopt a healthier lifestyle through a professional, knowledgeable and empathetic approach.

To find out more about this service, email

Families for Life

Families for Life programmes are open to all families living with a child at school, or registered with a GP in Camden or Islington.

You don't need a referral, just contact or call 020 8527 2304. We run four programmes in settings including schools, community centres and children’s centres:

  • Families for Life – Early Years: fun and active play, healthy eating and general healthy living workshops delivered via a series of weekly workshops held over 4 weeks. Available to families with children aged 2-4; parent and child attend together
  • Families for Life – Primary: fun and active play, healthy eating and general healthy living workshops delivered via a series of weekly workshops held over 4 weeks. Available to families with children aged 5-11; parent and child attend together.
  • Families for Life – Family Kitchen: family cooking and eating workshops held in early years and primary children’s settings. Available to families with children aged 2-11; parent and child attend together.
  • Families for Life – Healthy Parents: Healthy eating and healthy living workshops to help parents support their children to stay active and eat well. Covers cooking and nutrition, active living and behaviour change. Parents attend without children.

You could also speak to a member of staff at your child’s school to find out when the next programme will be running.

Journey to Parenthood

This is a free five week antenatal course which covers the usual things you would expect - managing your labour, pain relief, relaxation, the birth and how to feed your baby. It also helps you think about your relationship with your baby and how you can begin to get to know them before they’re even born!

Venues include:

Willow Children’s Centre, 1A Holbrooke Court, N7 0BF
Bemerton Children’s Centre, Coatbridge House, N1 0DX
New River Green Children’s Centre, 23 Ramsey Walk, N1 2SX.

To book your place please speak to your midwife, family support worker or professional involved in your care.

For further information, you can also text or call Rebecca, the course organiser, on 07887 627231.

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