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Islington’s Hoarding Protocol, which includes guidance on how to access and use the Hoarding Panel, can be found at the foot of this page.

We work to core values when it comes to supporting, working with, assessing and treating people who may display hoarding related behaviour or who have hoarding disorder. We aim to help and support individuals or agencies, in a non-judgmental, understanding and welcoming way, putting the person at the centre of support planning so their lives can be assisted to remain as independent as possible.

Help with hoarding for yourself or someone else

Telephone: 020 7527 2299
Minicom: 020 7527 6475
Write to: Access Service, 222 Upper Street, London, N1 1XR

Islington wants to support and advise anyone who is concerned or just wants some advice about hoarding. You can contact us even if:

  • You just want to speak with somebody about yourself or someone you may be worried about, or

  • You want to speak with someone about hoarding, or

  • You want some help or support with your behaviour which appears hoarding-related

Alternatively, the Access and Advice Team will put you in touch with somebody who can listen and assist you.

For organisations and agencies wishing to make a referral to the Islington Hoarding Panel


It is essential that you read section 9 of the Hoarding Protocol before making a referral to the Hoarding Panel.

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