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Personal alarms / Telecare

Telecare is a 24-hour personal alarm device that can be activated in case of emergency. It allows people who may be vulnerable to falling, or accidents in the home, to live independently.

The personal alarm is usually button worn on the body which is activated if the person wearing it has an accident (or can be sometimes activated automatically with sensors). 

Pressing the button raises an alert at the Islington Telecare office which is monitored 24 hours a day all year round. 

A trained responder will then speak to the person using an intercom attached to their phone line and assess how best to help. 

Type of Telecare support available in Islington

There are two main types of personal alarm service. 

Monitoring service

When the alarm is raised, the Telecare team assesses the situation by talking to the person remotely.

If the user needs to support, three nominated family or friends who have access to the property are immediately alerted. 

Cost £4.60 a week. 

Full service

When an alarm is raised, the Telecare team can respond themselves if support is needed. 

They have a copy of the keys securely stored so they can get access to the property and give emergency support 24 hours a day. 

Cost £9.20 a week. 

Support through social services

If you can’t pay for the cost of Telecare yourself, you can be assessed for support. 

Your social worker can do this, or you can contact the social care access centre for more information


Phone 020 7527 2299 


If you’d like to get a Telecare personal alarm or have any questions, you can get in touch with us. 

Phone 020 7527 5456. 


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