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Guidance for all service areas

This guidance is intended to support community centres in reopening, and replaces the locally produced Guidance to support reopening of community centres, which will no longer be updated

Includes a wider collection of guidance relevant to local authority departments such as funeral care, homelessness, parks and publics spaces and social care.

Information on PPE and how to order this if required by your staff. This page also includes a locally produced quick reference guide to support staff and managers to understand whether PPE is required in delivering their service. If PPE is required, we would recommend the national guidance is also reviewed.

Guidance on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by health and social care workers.

Guidance to support drivers and those planning, and organising, transportation of people during the pandemic.

The latest information and advice from the NHS.

Guidance for people with symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) who do not require hospital treatment, who must remain at home until they are well. Advice for those living in households with someone with symptoms of coronavirus.

Advice on appropriate cleaning of any non-clinical setting (including schools, accommodation, workplaces and offices) to prevent transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) through infected surfaces.

Guidance on protecting people who are clinically extremely vulnerable, including children. It’s also for their family, friends and carers.

This guidance is intended for staff and managers in a range of settings to know how to work safely.

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