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Support for residents shielding

Some residents have been asked by the NHS and Government to follow shielding advice and stay at home until the end of March.

The government has announced that from 1 April shielding in England and Wales will come to an end. Previously, four million clinically vulnerable people had been advised to shield to protect themselves. 

These people are urged to continue taking extra precautions by working from home where possible, observing social distancing and wearing face masks

If you think you fall into one of the most at risk categories you should discuss your concerns with your GP or care team. You can also sign up directly to the Government shielding scheme

What is shielding?

Residents who are most at risk of severe illness as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19) such as those who are vulnerable due to specific medical conditions should have received an NHS letter advising them to follow shielding advice. 

Initially, shielders were advised to stay home at all times and avoid all face to face contact. Since then the guidance has eased. You can find the most up to date advice for people who have been advised to shield on the NHS website below. The guidance is designed to protect those who are at very high risk of severe illness from coronavirus from coming into contact with the virus.

Essential support such as health and social care visits should continue.

NHS advice on shielding

If you are at risk of severe illness due to coronavirus, or know someone who is, there is lots of help available in Islington. Islington Council, voluntary sector and mutual aid groups are working together to support residents through this difficult time.


The We are Islington helpline has been set up to support all residents, including those that are shielding, who are struggling to cope and need help getting food or medicine, or are struggling financially due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Residents can also call for a friendly chat, support to leave their home, or information about staying healthy and well. 

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