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Resources for business and communities

Resources to support businesses, communities and faith groups across Islington

This section offers a range of materials that will be updated regularly with the latest information, advice and promotional materials to help you promote good practice to keep your communities safe and healthy during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Keep Islington Safe

 Covering your face (Keep going A4)  Covering your face (Keep going A3)
 Foggy Lens (Keep going A4)  Foggy Lens (Keep going A3)
 Open windows (Keep going A4)  Open windows (Keep going A3)
 Washing hands (Keep going A4)  Washing hands (Keep going A3)
 Easy read (A4)  Easy read (A3)
 Easy read (large print A4)  Easy read (large print A4)

Hands Face Space 

Protect yourself by washing your hands, covering your face and making space between each other campaign.

 Islington promotional poster  NHS promotional poster   Coronavirus information and support leaflet (November 2020)  

Self isolation

Guidance for a positive test for Covid-19.

Self isolation leaflet Absence from school (Parents and Carers help)

Symptoms? Get a test

 Islington promotional poster  Islington promotional leaflet   NHS cough promotion poster  NHS Taste and Smell promotion poster

 Easy Read poster        

NHS Covid 19 app 

 Introducing the NHS Covid app   Introducing the NHS COVID19 App – Explainer (large text)   The Covid 19 app- the QR poster for businesses 

 The Covid 19 app - Privacy  The Covid 19 app - QR posters for businesses (large text)    

University and students

University A3 poster   University A4 leaflet   Homes in Multiple Occupation (students) 

Become a Covid19 Health Champion

Islington information leaflet   Health Champion information     

Information in other languages

Visit the Translations and British Sign Language (BSL) page to access translated versions of these materials, as well as other useful information in different formats.

Translated materials

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