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Information for unpaid carers

Covid-19 vaccinations

You can get the Covid-19 vaccine if you are a main carer of someone at high risk from coronavirus. This includes if you are an unpaid carer. You can book online now via the NHS or by calling 119.

For more information about vaccines in Islington, including for support to get to appointments or for someone to listen to any concerns you have, go to our Covid vaccinations page.  

Covid-19 support and guidance

The Public Health and Adult Social Care teams in Islington Council have developed some guidance to support unpaid carers during the current Covid-19 outbreak. It provides guidance for unpaid carers living with the person they care for, as well as those who live in a different house to the person they provide unpaid care for.

An unpaid carer is anyone who looks after a friend or family member who cannot manage on their own due to frailty, long term condition, disability, a mental health problem or substance misuse problem.

Our guidance can help you understand:

• Preparations you can make should you need extra support, including developing an emergency care plan with the person you care for.
• How you can minimise your risk of getting and passing on Covid-19, especially if someone you care for is in the very vulnerable ‘shielding’ group.
• How you can get help for accessing essential supplies such as prescriptions, if you become unwell yourself.
• How to get help in an emergency if you are unwell and cannot provide the care you usually do.
• An explanation of what Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is, when you do need to use this and when you don’t, along with information on how you can get it if you need it.
• Local support and resources to help you and the person you care for.

Please note that unpaid carers who live in the same household as the person they care for will not need to use personal protective equipment. PPE may be needed for unpaid carers who live in a different household from the person they care for.

If you require further guidance or have questions relating to COVID-19 and providing unpaid care contact Public Health:

National guidance for unpaid carers

 National guidance is also available from

Islington Carers Hub Wellbeing Support

Islington Council commissions Age UK Islington to deliver services and support for unpaid carers. We would like to reassure you that Islington Carers Hub continues to provide support to Islington’s carers.

As you know, the government has issued strict guidelines on ‘social distancing’ and movement. We recognise the impact this could have on some carers and those that you care for. Our priority for carers is your wellbeing, and to support you in your caring role.

Islington Carers Hub will be carrying out Wellbeing checks to Carers by phone, to try and support you as best as we can. The Carers Hub are working with the Council and partner organisations to update you regularly as to what support is available, and how to access what you need now.

To help unpaid carers shop at supermarkets during the dedicated times for older, vulnerable people we are advising carers to use their Emergency Carers Card and/or letter from the DWP confirming they are in receipt of Carers allowance as evidence that they are a carer.

If you don’t have an Emergency Carers Card please contact Age UK Islington who can help with providing a letter to verify that you are a registered Carer with Islington Carers Hub. For further information call the AUKI Helpline on 020 7281 6018.

We would encourage you to contact friends, family members and neighbours who have caring responsibilities to get in touch with the Carers Hub, so they can share information and guidance, and help carers with any concerns.

If you need support, please contact Islington Carers Hub:


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