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Home Connections

Improving the way we allocate properties

We advertise our available council properties on the Home Connections website and at housing offices. People with transfer or housing applications which have 120 points or more can bid for (express interest in) those advertised properties. Bidding opens every Thursday and closes Sunday midnight.

We write to everyone who qualifies to bid, giving them the six-figure User ID and Pin numbers that they need to bid. Bidding can be done through the Home Connections website.

Visit the Home Connections website   

The Home Connections Bidding App

You can now download the Home Connections Bidding App called 'Home Connect' in the Apple Store. It is quick and easy for you to use, you will never miss another bid cycle and it's free.

Download the Home Connect app in the Apple Store here

For Andriod phone users the app is downloadable from Google Play here

You can also call 0845 402 7883 to use the 24 hour automated telephone service where you can bid or check how your bids are going.

Alternatively, you can now bid on your mobile telephone. To do this, follow this example, putting in your own ID and Pin numbers:

For example, if your User ID is 876543, your Pin No is 010164 and you bid on property 123456, your message will be bid#876543#010164#123456. Check the numbers, then send your message to 07800 140724.

For more information about points allocation, see the link on the right under Related Information.

A leaflet containing information about Home Connections is available to download below.

Issues with the Home Connections website

If you experience any problems accessing the website you should be able to bid using the automated telephone line. You can call 0845 402 7883 and will need your six-figure User and PIN numbers and the property reference number of the property you want to bid for.

Please note - recent changes to your points or priority may not be reflected immediately on the Home Connections site. If you think that your points are wrong, or you should be able to bid on a property but can't, please contact us on 020 7527 4140 or 020 7527 4143.


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