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Green boxes, clear sacks and wheelie bins

For a detailed list of what can be recycled visit what can I recycle.

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Most residents use the green recycling box. Residents can have as many boxes as they need to help them recycle as much as possible.

Later this year, we'll be introducing a new 'clear sack' recycling service to all properties with the green box. These will be delivered to you twice a year.

This improved service will give you space to recycle more and will be easier to collect. Residents can keep their green box. Look out for further details.

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Residents in street properties with no space to store recycling containers can use clear recycling sacks. Households using clear recycling sacks are provided with a packet of 40 sacks every 6 months. Please only use the sacks provided. If you run out of sacks before the next delivery they are available from local libraries.

Street properties with the clear sack service should leave the sacks on the pavement outside their property by 6.30am on the scheduled collection day. Information on collection days can be found on Find My Nearest (link on left hand side).

If you prefer to use clear sacks rather than a green box, you can also collect free clear recycling sacks from your local library.

Please visit the Libraries, opening hours and contacts page for more details.

Wheelie bins

We are unable to provide wheelie bins for household recycling.  If you need additional green boxes, you can request them at www.islington.gov.uk/myeaccount. You can also collect free recycling bags from your local library.

If you choose to purchase your own wheelie bin, you will need the following:-

  •  An area of hard standing for the bin(s) in the front garden of your property.  The bin cannot be stored on the public highway. 

  • Clear access for our recycling collection vehicle with a drop kerb nearby.

  • The wheelie bin must be either 240 litre or 360 litre capacity in order for us to collect. 

  • The recycling bin must be green in colour to make it clearly different from any rubbish containers and should have your property address on the bin.

  • The recycling wheelie bin must only be used for recycling.

Contact us when you have purchased your wheelie bin in order that we can make sure your recycling bin is scheduled for collection and we can arrange for some recycling bin stickers to be sent to you. 

When do you collect the recycling?

All your recycling, food and green waste is collected on the same day in a vehicle with two compartments, making it as easy and simple as possible for you to recycle. Please ensure that your green box, food waste container and green waste bag are placed out for collection at ground level at the edge of your property and are visible, by 6.30am on your collection day. If you’re not sure of your collection day visit find my nearest.

How do I request a container?

The easiest way to order recycling containers is via My eAccount. Alternatively, please call Contact Islington on 0207 527 2000 or via email

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