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Borough-wide Safety Schemes

These schemes are designed to address accidents in a localised area.

Current programme of works

The Hornsey Road Environmental Improvement Scheme

Our contractors Eurovia are currently on site until the end of March 2013 carrying out a range of works including extended build outs to Shelburne and Caedmon Road, extended build outs to the zebra crossing outside 59 Hornsey Road along with resurfacing and new applied anti-skid treatment, a new zebra crossing by Grenville Road including resurfacing and anti-skid treatment and new planting areas by Simmons House.

Also included was the updating of the tactile paving surfaces outside the Emirates Stadium and new applied anti-skid throughout the junction of Hornsey Road and Benwell Road.

If you require any further information on this scheme, please contact Gary Oliva on 020 7527 2060 or email

Caledonian Road

As part of a scheme to reduce accidents on Caledonian Road the Council has recently undertaken some remedial works. These have included the items below:

  • Cycle lane markings and a right turn pocket at the junction with Offord Road. 

  • Provision of a zebra crossing by Bingfield Street.

  • Road narrowing by Thornhill Bridge over the Regents Canal.

The Council has also implemented a 20mph limit on Caledonian Road. This reduced speed limit has also been introduced on other Principal Roads in the borough making Islington London’s first 20mph borough.

As part of a continuation of this scheme the Council is also looking to amend the traffic signals at the junction of Copenhagen Street to reduce accidents and provide an improved pedestrian environment.

The Council is reintroducing two-way traffic in Caledonian Road between Caledonia Street and Wharfedale Road. The road will be open to two way traffic from Thursday 27 November 2014. We ask that residents, business, and road users take extra care during this initial period while drivers familiarise themselves with this new arrangement. We also ask that schools make students, parents, carers and staff aware of this change and look both ways when crossing the road.

If you require any further information on this scheme, please contact Paul Taylor on 020 7527 8038 or email

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