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20mph Limit

20mph limit – borough wide scheme

To help make roads safer for all, 66d5669271584ed080b12f06798b9539Islington Council introduced a 20mph speed limit on all its streets.

The 20mph limit was supported by residents and road safety groups. The council hopes to change the driving culture in Islington towards lower speeds, and is asking drivers to help and respect the new limit.

Speeding is a criminal offence, and can cause road accidents. Last year 100 people were either killed or seriously injured on Islington's main road network, and the council wants to bring this number down through reducing speeds to a more appropriate level for inner London.

All roads in Islington have a 20mph speed limit except for the few routes managed by Transport for London, such as Upper Street and Holloway Road.

Islington led the way on introducing 20mph limits. It was the first borough in the country to bring in a 20mph limit on side roads, and also the first to adopt 20mph on main roads.

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If you require any further information on this scheme please contact Paul Taylor on 020 7527 2000 or email

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