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Road Safety in Schools

The Traffic & Safety Team runs a number of interesting and informative courses for primary and secondary school children across the borough. Click on the left for further information.

Infants and pre-school

  • Pre-school road safety awareness lessons
  • Safer Steps
  • Children's Traffic Club

Primary school

  • Walk Safer practical pedestrian training - Year 4
  • Junior Citizen - Year 5
  • Junior Road Safety Officer - Year 6
  • Young Voyager - Year 6
  • Walk to School Week
  • Cycle training
  • School Travel Plans
  • Drama in Education
  • School Crossing Patrol service
  • Charlie the Chicken road safety mascot

Secondary school / Adult

  • Drama in education
  • Pre-driver training
  • Cycle training
  • Bike maintenance lessons
  • School Travel Plans
  • Young Voyager - Year 7
  • Accident statistics
  • Local and national road safety campaigns

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